Now Hiring: Onsite General Camp Instructor 

IMAG History & Science Center is hiring General Camp Instructors for our onsite summer camps. As a
General Camp Instructor, you will be responsible for inspiring kids (ages 5-14 years old) to engage in
hands-on STEM, art, and history activities. Haven’t taught camp before? Not a problem! We provide the
training you need before camp starts. The ideal candidates are passionate about STEM, art and/or history,
and have the proper classroom management skills to make camp-learning fun and exciting. Camp
instructor applicants will complete a general application and submit a resume to be considered for an inperson
interview. We will determine which type of camp is the best fit with your background and

Core Responsibilities: Provide developmentally appropriate instruction in STEM, art and/or history
curriculum. Serve as a role model for campers in appropriate behavior, language, attitudes, and activities.
Assist with pre/post camp duties.
Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and teaching experience in STEM or history subject areas
preferred, but related experience can be substituted. Currently be employed with a local school district or
charter organization preferred. First Aid & CPR certifications preferred.
Compensation: General Camp Instructor: Weekly compensation of $625, based on a 41.5/hr week. Pay will be prorated
for missed hours/days.
Mandatory Training Dates: General Training/Orientation is June 9th, 2023, from 9:30-12:30pm. At the general training, we will go
over camp policies and procedures, tour of the museum and classrooms, and meet the Junior Camp
Assistants assigned to your camps. If you are unable to attend, you will be provided with a virtual training
option instead.

All teachers will also be required to complete one-on-one training with the Director of Education
Programs prior to camp starting for each camp and/or clubs they have been assigned. Teachers will not
be allowed to teach camp or clubs without completing the one-on-one training. These training sessions
will be arranged individually. During individual trainings, you will receive curriculum for your assigned
week and learn how to use the associated technology and equipment needed for your camp.
Typical Camp Schedule:

Full Time: Pre-Camp Coverage 7:45 AM – 4:15 PM or Post-Camp Coverage 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM.
All Full Time Camp will arrive at 7:45am on Mondays and all Camp
will stay until 5:30pm on Fridays to assist with opening and closing camp each week. Two teachers will
be assigned the early shift and two teachers will be assigned the later shift for each week.

Visit in-store, suite 192 to apply! STEMLAB is located near WINK Playland.
(239) 319-5820

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